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Welcome to the Pre-Law Community!

Many students have questions about the legal field and what they need to do to apply to and get into top law schools.

Through this site, all members of the Notre Dame community have access to valuable resources and opportunities to help guide them in their decisions in pursuit of a career in law.

Looking for New Members to Join the Board

Apply to be a Pre-Law Student Board Member - The Board is currently looking for sophomores and juniors to apply to be on the board. The posting for the application can be found here. And the application is located here. Applications are due on March 13th.

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The Pre-Law Student Board sends out a monthly newsletters with helpful resources, scholarships, tips, upcoming events and part-time/full-time opportunities in the field of law.

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We strive to best support Notre Dame's Pre-Law community - If you have any questions or suggestions for the Pre-Law Student Board, please reach out to us. Hearing from you will help us meet our goals and provide the best experience for all students.

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This website, and all events prepared by the Pre-Law Student Board, are initiatives of the Meruelo Family Center for Career Development in conjunction with the Notre Dame Pre-Law Program.