Is law school right for you? A law degree can lead to a varied range of traditional careers in law, but it can also lead to a broader range of careers in business, government, finance, education, the entertainment industry and many other occupations. If you are thinking of a career in law, you can start by reading the American Bar Association’s Preparing for Law School and the Law School Admissions Council's Thinking About Law School.

Law schools accept students from all majors and backgrounds, which means that your first focus as an undergraduate is choosing a major that is right for you. Your goal as an undergrad should be preparing to succeed in law school, not preparing to succeed merely at getting into law school. This means you should be working toward the strongest possible college record you can achieve. Notre Dame students and graduates from all four colleges and the Architecture School applying to law school have a very high rate of acceptance. In 2013-14, the most recent year for which we have data, graduating seniors had a 91% acceptance rate.