The Notre Dame Pre-Law Community hosts events to help students learn more about the law throughout the school year and during breaks. Please visit Handshake to RSVP for events. For more information regarding events and opportunities, sign up for the Pre-Law Newsletter

Upcoming Events

The Pre-Law Student Board is offering a number of events for the Spring Semester of 2023. A list of our upcoming events as well as a brief description can be found below. 

  • First Lecture (Thursday, February 16 at 5pm) - NDLS Professor Kozel will present a 1L lecture in the law school. There will be an assigned reading and cold calls during the lecture, which is a duplicate of a lecture he will be teaching that week.
  • Law as an International Student (TBA) - Overview of the career paths and opportunities available to international students interested in pursuing law.
  • Pursuing Law through the U.S. Military (Late February of 2022, TBA) - Overview of career paths available within and alongside the military (ROTC, OCS, Jag Corps, Lobbying, Public/Private Contracting)

NDLS Office Hours

Office hours for the Spring Semester will be released at a later date.

Past Events

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