Application Process

Applications for the ensuing law class typically open around early September. Similar to undergraduate admissions, many schools offer both early and regular decision. The deadline to apply is typically in February or March but varies by school, and most schools encourage you to apply as early as possible to maximize your chances that a spot and scholarships will be available.

Taking the LSAT

Given the application timeline, many students find it beneficial to take the LSAT during their junior year. This gives applicants time to retake the exam again if they want to improve on their initial score. In the summer before senior year, students can then focus on writing their essays, collecting recommendations from professors, and preparing their resumes. The most common time to submit your application materials is between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but for those students applying Early Decision, the deadline may be earlier.

It should be noted that this timeline is just a suggestion, and that students can still successfully apply to law school if they are starting later in the process. The most important part of being on track to apply is to have an LSAT score on file, so at the very latest, students should take the LSAT by the end of their fall semester during senior year.